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Of Strings and Tuners

Precollege band directors are expected to have at least rudimentary instrument repair skills in order to keep student instruments playable for imminent rehearsals and performances.  String orchestra directors are often surprised by and ill prepared for the repair and maintenance needs of their students.  For this column I would like to address changing strings on […]

Good Buy? or Good-bye! – Instruments

A Layman’s Guide to Purchasing a Violin, Viola, Cello or Double Bass  Purchasing stringed instruments for students or an orchestra program may be comparable to walking through a mine field without a map.  Selecting an instrument outfit can reward us with an instrument that is genuinely a good buy, or punish us with an instrument we […]

Good Buy? or Good-bye! – Cases

A Layman’s Guide to Purchasing a Case for Violin, Viola, Cello or Double Bass The first two articles in this series focused on the basics of purchasing string instruments and bows.  This column will deal with the important issue of purchasing string instrument cases.  Having purchased hundreds of cases, flown thousands of miles with string instruments, […]

Conductor & Soloist Protocol

Recently we focused on solo and chamber music recital stage protocol:  bowing, acknowledging applause, and presenting a stage presence that is appreciative of the audience and one that helps put the audience at ease for a performance. This issue will focus on protocol for orchestra conductors and soloists.  As conductors we have nightmares of being […]

Clarifying String Bowing Terms & Technique: Part 1

Part 1 – On the String Bowings String bowing terms often create confusion for directors of church and school orchestras, even veteran directors who are string specialists. There are two general types of bowings: those prescribing that the bow bounce off the string, “off the string bowings”, and those prescribing that the bow remain in […]

Clarifying String Bowing Terms & Technique: Part 2

Part 2 – Off-the-String Bowings & Specialized Bowings In this column on string bowings we will take a look at off-the-string bowings and specialized bowings in an effort to help clarify terminology and technique. Off-the-String Bowings Spiccato or bouncing bow are general terms that describe bow movement as the bow hair and stick strike the […]